Short stories


I post my short stories on the patronage website, Patreon. Some are individual stories, such as:



Almost brothers


Death in the family

The city of towers (in five parts)

Others are collections of stories:

How far is it to the top?

Cuentos de Madrid

On the Patreon platform I gradually load stories as I get them typed out from older notebooks. These stories reflect an evolution in my writing, some are quite old, others are fresher.

Longer works

Mavra Kundala

Because of their length, these works I’m gradually typing up and putting into PDF format. Some of them I present for “free”, hoping to attract attention to my work. One of these can be found on the flip book platform Youblisher.


As time permits, I continue to add work to these two platforms.




Like so many, I’ve a couple of YouTube “channels” that could be of interest. Directly related to the above “Universe of Discourse” text series, I’ve a site with instructional videos. These videos were at first meant to be used on educational platforms; however, I’ve yet to find the platform that satisfies my own particular “style” of teaching.

The videos were fun to make, though, and though the evolution of quality can be seen, I’m pretty pleased with their outcome and hope some day to reedit them to higher standards. They can be found on the Interpretive ESL channel.

I’ve also other videos made over the years which include legends and audio versions of my own stories, as well as silly little excerpts from musical works I have created over the years. These include:


El dolmen de la Losa Mora Spanish legend from the Aragon region. Subtitled in Spanish version.

hqdefault (1)

The Thousand Year Oak Another Spanish legend.

hqdefault (4)

The Deathdealer: Here within my hand From an opera I never finished.

hqdefault (5)

Almost brothers Audio version of a short story.

hqdefault (6)

She was by far Audio version of a segment of a novel.

hqdefault (7)
How to make newspaper seeding pots
 A silly “how-to” video I prepared for a content farm.

hqdefault (2)

Look at my reflection A song from a musical, also never finished, though the story it’s based upon is finished.

hqdefault (3)

The Deathdealer: The outlaw song Another from that unfinished opera.