Don’t Balk at the Editor

I've probably mentioned somewhere that I write elsewhere. Many elsewheres, actually. Writing elsewhere means there will be a someone else who will be, in one way or another, looking over your work. That someone will be an editor. Don't balk, be thankful there is an editor. Why have an editor? One of the best reasons … Continue reading Don’t Balk at the Editor


“Only three days left!”

So, I was going to go on about this in the review of Swipe This, but thought best to leave the review to itself and break away into this post to talk about the way “only three days” is having an impact upon the products, creative products, that are being offered on Internet. "Only Pete": … Continue reading “Only three days left!”

Exposing the lore 06: “An online article should be evergreen”

What is “evergreen”? Well, like the tree it's named after, it's simply material that always looks more or less the same, is more or less enduring despite the passing of time. It's not going to be content about the Beiber's latest drunken escapade, nor the latest incoherent statement that The Donald has spit out in … Continue reading Exposing the lore 06: “An online article should be evergreen”