On “FluentU”, I guest post on the “General Educator Blog“, sharing ideas about language teaching, based on my years of experience as an ESL teacher, both in the US and in Spain. Posts that should catch your eye are:

I’ve also write on the English Educator Blog. Posts of mine to read there will be added as they go live.

I will mention that I get paid to create these posts and the style involved is adjusted to the needs of the platform. You can readily see the difference of style between the FluentU blog and my own ESL Blog:

Interpretive ESL Teaching

On this site I go on about ESL teaching in general and offer insights from those same years of experience already mentioned as to how to simplify what sometimes seems to be a complex activity: language teaching. This blog will give you a clear idea of what I think on several ESL teaching themes.

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And, naturally, the blog here on revel arroway / ctohp publications, where I talk about writing in general, content writing for Internet and the like.