A Blog and A Portfolio

headshotYes, while this is a blog, the original purpose (and continued purpose) of this site is to allow you to find any and all of the stuff I’ve “published” on the www.

I’m not new to writing, not even new to Internet. However, I’ve been pretty private about my work until about two years ago, when I began registering stuff here on the www. As I am really bored with my day job and would love to sit on my sofa in front of my wood-burning stove, with my dog at my side and the silence of the small Spanish village I live in, I figured I’d try to make a one-stop-shopping space for people who need writing done for them to be able to see just what kind of writing I’m able to do.

And since this is a writing platform, the blog itself concentrates upon writing.

If you’re interested in seeing the other stuff I do write about or just write, do check out the page called “revel’s work” (there, I’ve even given you an easy link to the page.

Thanks for your interest and for checking out just what ctohp publications is all about.



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