Exposing the lore 00: Introduction


“Exposing the lore”, was originally a series of posts I made on a forum dedicated mainly to blogging. Don’t know if the forum still exists, but this is a bit of what I think about content writing in several bite-sized blocks.

This series of posts is meant to activate some kind of debate on a particular topic. In this case, the topic is the lore that has developed over the years that has formed our ideas about content writing for Internet.

I thought of using the word myth, but found it inappropriate to what I mean. Though one of the main players in this story (read: Google) can be somewhat considered a “godly creature”, the concept of myth is based more upon imagination than reality, imaginary explanations of reality that, at the time of the myth’s invention, defy explanation.

Lore, on the other hand, being a body of knowledge that arises from tradition and anecdote and which is popular in nature, more closely fits that which I want to discuss with you all.

Because of its popular nature, content writing lore is repeated again and again in forums, style guides, content writing how-tos. It will often have its sources in “truths” that existed at the time of its invention; however, lore also changes with time and with each telling. Some lore becomes “set in stone” while other lore adapts to the times, recognizes the tendencies that force change.

I’ve observed the lore, from its creation, through its repetition, to its becoming a type of commandment to writers. I want to take each of the lore that is repeated to new and experienced writers, try to trace its origin (not an easy task, that one!) and prove or disprove its veracity. In all cases of lore, I will certainly offer alternatives to the popular, anecdotal lore that we hear again and again, couched in kind words of advice, helpful tips and the like.



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