A Blog and A Portfolio

Yes, while this is a blog, the original purpose (and continued purpose) of this site is to allow you to find any and all of the stuff I've "published" on the www. I'm not new to writing, not even new to Internet. However, I've been pretty private about my work until about two years ago, … Continue reading A Blog and A Portfolio


Smiting the Standards

We have transitioned into a world where our concept of standards is not only being questioned, it is being changed for us. While growing up, most of my compatriots were probably told that any boy could become the President of the United States. I'm talking the '60s in my case. Because I was born on … Continue reading Smiting the Standards

Don’t Balk at the Editor

I've probably mentioned somewhere that I write elsewhere. Many elsewheres, actually. Writing elsewhere means there will be a someone else who will be, in one way or another, looking over your work. That someone will be an editor. Don't balk, be thankful there is an editor. Why have an editor? One of the best reasons … Continue reading Don’t Balk at the Editor